Individual Coaching

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“If things came easy, then everybody would be great at what they did, let’s face it.” Mike Ditka

 “You can do what you have to do, and sometimes you can do it even better than you think you can.” Jimmy Carter

 “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have mastered, you will never grow.” C.R. Lawton

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Zig Ziglar


Coaching helps. It helps in sports, politics, theater, dance, music and even project management. And the reason it helps is because no single person can excel at everything required of them.

Good coaching can help you gain confidence in what you already do well and can help you in the areas you need to improve. It can help you work more effectively with others, deal successfully with difficult people, learn new project management skills and become more confident in your abilities.

GPS offers one-on-one coaching. Our sessions do not follow any script, but are specifically targeted to the issues you bring to the consultation. Here are some of the general topics that have been explored.

To achieve the most benefit, you need to bring at least one goal to the coaching sessions and you must be ready to participate and focus on addressing this issue.

All sessions are with me, Barry Shore PhD.

Because my workload can get quite heavy at times, I limit the number of coaching clients I can accommodate.
Most of my coaching is done over the telephone or video Skype. We try to arrange a time that best fits with your busy schedule. Naturally, your sessions are strictly confidential. Even if your company pays the bill, I will not discuss, under any circumstances, anything we cover.

If you are interested, I encourage you to give me a call and arrange for a 20 minute consultation. During that time we will discuss the issues that you would like to address and your goals for the coaching process. There is no charge for this initial consultation.