GPS Audits


Global Project Strategy can participate as an independent party in the project audit process. Working in conjunction with general management, project managers and team members, GPS will help guide the process of developing a strategy for evaluating the status of the project.

[View a sample audit]

In addition to the strategy session GPS is available to participate in audit sessions and to work with project managers to address the concerns raised by the audit.

The purpose of this collaborative effort in developing an audit strategy may include several or all of the following issues:


Audit Focus Questions Asked
Achieving Project Goals Is the project on-track to achieve its goals?
Schedules Is the project on schedule? If not What needs to be done?
Budgets Is the project within budget. If not what needs to be done?
Scope - Feasibility Have the results suggested that feasibility might be a problem?
Scope Creep Have additional demands increase the scope?
Project Change Requests Have Change requests contributed to project risk?
Communication Effectiveness Is communication between levels open or closed?
Feedback Loops Are recommendations for change heeded?